A combination of acupuncture and hypnosis enhancing the benefit of both therapies.

Medically guided induced trance, which is characterized by increased susceptibility to suggestions. Being in a hypnotic trance means being very receptive to suggestions in a state of tremendous concentration. While in trance the person can still hear my voice and is cognizant of what’s happening.

Hypnotic communication takes place with your subconscious mind, so that desired outcomes can occur much faster. In your daily life there is a critical factor between your conscious being and your subconscious. If this information is different from what is already known, it is usually rejected. That’s why it is difficult to learn new habits. With the help of hypnosis this will go much faster.

Due to the trance and relaxation during hypnosis, the acupuncture can work even better and deeper. The needling itself is experienced as more pleasant, even for children or people who would otherwise be afraid of needles.

All scientific studies show that acupuncture is an extremely safe technique when practiced by competent acupuncturists.

The acupuncture puts your main focus on the needles during the hypnosis and you become more relaxed, which brings you into a deeper state of hypnosis.

Because these two therapies influence and strengthen each other, you receive better results faster.

  • Psycho-emotional complaints
  • Unprocessed emotions
  • Stress
  • Self confidence
  • Fears
  • Changing perception in chronic pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Quit smoking
  • Weight Loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Concentration problem