Food, Glorious Food!

Acupuncture is an excellent holistic healing option. Most often, it is utilized in combination with other modalities such as Chiropractic, exercise, and nutrition. Acupuncture is sufficient on its own, but why not enhance its benefits for optimal results.   We already know that Chiropractic can affect the nervous system and the body’s response to pain stimulus and overall health. Now let’s focus on how we can positively impact our health by what we put into our system, in the form of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Food, glorious food!

Nutrition is one of the most powerful healing tools that we have control over. Changing your diet can make a substantial, even dramatic improvement in your health, life and ultimately your longevity. When speaking about weight loss, it is said that generally 75% diet and 25% exercise. As I learned with my fractured leg, you can’t out heal time. The same applies to weight loss or a healthy gut. You can’t quickly exercise or diet your way to weight loss, fitness or health alone. Many systems are working simultaneously requiring multiple nutrients to keep us firing on all cylinders. 

Nutrients are a crucial component to support our physiological systems. I have seen a tremendous change in patients that combine dietary modification and supplementation with acupuncture. I know that it is difficult to change one’s diet and can explain first-hand how important a good diet is for our energy and productivity.

I am a firm believer in naturopathic ideals surrounding diet, which echo the traditional Asian concepts of diet. In its most basic terms, this means avoiding processed foods, eliminating gluten and dairy as well as eating carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. I also speak to the color of foods and how they relate to he organs based on your treatments. Each organhas a corresponding color, and different foods have specific properties aside from nutrients. So the ability to also enhance any treatment with eastern principals is one of my favorite pastimes.

A match made in holistic health an wellbeing heaven!

I am so happy to announce the partnership between Tessa Van der Steen of Your Health Coach and myself! We will provide our respective patients with more in-depth help regarding their guts – Tessa delivers in-depth knowledge and supplemental support to equalize imbalances within the body while I bring Acupuncture treatments to facilitate the redirection and utilization of said added nutrients.  Tessa is trained in Orthomolecular Medicine, studied functional diagnostic nutrition in the United States and has an undergraduate degree in nutrition and Marketing. She can provide nutritional consultation without acupuncture for those interested in intensive dietary therapy. However, she also supports the combination of the two. Your nutrition consultation may also result in a supplement program based on standards of Functional Medicine practice. We recommend dietary supplements and provide them from the best sources available to us in Holland.

Tessa is experienced in the area of whole food lifestyles and has herself experienced the fantastic benefits of good nutrition. She is very well suited to support my patients in this area of their lives. She frequently gives talks and info sessions on a multitude of health-related topics. Check her website for more info.   Lastly, we host a biannual acupuncture and nutrition retreat. For more information regarding the dates and location of the next one, please contact me.